How to join the club

How to join The Club.

You need to arrange to attend one of our 12 taster days that are held through out the year, normally one every month, here you will find the calendar the dates. These dates may change if they clash with competitions.

When you visit on the agreed date and time please bring your guns with you as they will be chrono’d before you can use them at the club. You must also wear good outdoor footware for your own safety as The Club is located in woodland.

A chrono is a device used to test the power of your gun by firing pellets through 2 sensors that time the pellet breaking beam 1 then beam 2 and will give a read out in feet per second or feet pounds. The legal limit is 12 ft/lbs for air rifles and 6 ft/lbs for air pistols. It is the owners legal responsibility to make sure the gun is under the respective limits.

You will get a safety briefing with do’s and do nots followed by a guided tour of the ranges and associated area within our boundaries.

You will then have to complete 8 visits within the next 6 months on a probational membership after which time you may be invited to become a full member of The Club.

Probational membership starts when a completed membership application form with the appropriate club fees are paid to The Club.

Your first visit is free, after that you pay the daily range fee on each day you attend.

We also have 12 maintenance days through out the year which members are requested to do a least 1 per 2 months, many hands make light work. You will understand why we ask this when you see the courses in the woods.

The Founder members reserve the right to refuse membership and amend the above as required.

Please contact using the contact us form .