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Welcome to CWHTAGC


Idless club grounds are now CLOSED except for clearance work due to The Club grounds being sold.

We have secured a small wooded area near Tresillian, Truro. It will take a few months to get up and running and better than before in many ways. Once we are running we will be able to accept new/prospective members.

New site expected to open in mid July 2018.


Please be advised this is a TARGET shooting club with NO living creature harmed.


No matter what the weather is on a Club day we are open.

Welcome to Cornwall Woodland Hunter Target Air Gun Club located near Truro in Cornwall.

Formed in the summer of 2008, primarily we are setting out to cater for Woodland Hunter Target with general gun honing skills being practiced.

The targets are placed so that they are as realistic as possible while using natural growth to alter the shooting lanes throughout the year.

The club has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, whilst keeping safety at the top of the agenda.

As the club grows in size we will from time to time invite and encourage member and inter club competition.

We have 2 woodland ranges with 40 plus targets on each and ranging from 9 to 62 yds plus a bell target at 90 yds, 1 course firing uphill and the other is downhill with both leveling out on the last few targets.
Also have a dedicated zeroing/plinking range with a range to 55 yds and a covered,seated firing point for 6 people at a time.

If you would like to try air rifle target shooting come along.NB. Any one under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Please contact us the day before you would like to come, so we may give you directions to the venue and parking areas, plus arrange to have a club member meet and guide you safely to the shooting area in use on that day.

The phone reception at The Club grounds are very poor at best so trying to contact on a Club day may be very difficult.

Please wear appropriate footware for rough ground NO Trainers, Flip Flops or footware with tread that would NOT give reasonable grip. The Club reserves the right to refuse entry for inadequate footware for your safety.

We encourage car sharing if possible as parking is limited and suggest you bring water proofs and some good strong footwear, plus sturdy clothing as you will be in a woodland area with light scrub.

At the present time we have NO catering facilities so feel free to bring your own food and drinks.(No Alcohol please and smoking is only permitted at the parking and admin area).Please feel free to view the gallery.